Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

From The Editor

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We are proud to bring you the Inaugural issue of itravelindonesia. The young team felt that it was time to go beyond just booking your discounted hotels and Indonesian domestic flights. So here we are.

In this Animal issue, we take a close look at my favourite destination in Indonesia, the Seminyak district in Bali. For our funky jilbabbers, Islamic fashion makes waves in London’s fashion week.

For the hordes of Indonesians flying to Singapore to shop and visit the doctors, we say there is more to Singapore than just Takashimaya and Mount Elizabeth.

Indonesians are the happiest people in the world. We look at a recent Norwegian survey that tells us that Indonesians smile more than anyone else on the Planet.

It is a modest start for us. In the next year, we will bring together articles that we hope will entertain, inform and bring you back. We hope that you will be a frequent visitor to itravelindonesia. As always, send us your feedback, kudos, and brickbats to

Happy holidays.
Delis Elias

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